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Quality Control by Japanese Women


Tell all your friends. Quality Control by Japanese Women is now playing and you can listen to it. It’s pretty good. you’ll dig it. no kraut or echo silliness. just 11 songs in 13 minutes. no laying on your floor and staring at your ceiling for this one. short and to the point songs by a lame dysfunctional band. its amazing we ever get anything done ever. this is at the cassette pressing plant and should be around to buy and what not in Jan 2013 on Tapes Of a Neon God. Why tape? because we love tape and vinyl costs too much since no one gives a shit about this band. will you be one of the 30 people to buy this tape? or will i trade it to you for a tape from your much cooler band? only the future can tell.   —— but in all honesty, you might like this album. we are really happy with it. and i made some killer 4th grade drawings for the art that i’m sure the rest of the band doesn’t approve of. I don’t know. I haven’t asked. I’m sure each of us would pick a different design aesthetic. ….Now you understand the album title.

- Austin


Sep 6

so another awesome new track from the quality control album by Japanese Women. we are working on the artwork. should be out in the future. its a pretty good one. it starts out the album. we wont be playing it live. Because I (austin) wrote it and then forgot how to play it. maybe one day i’ll learn it. its pretty easy. but i’m dumb. share it with your buddies. or have your band learn it and play it. cause i hate learning things.

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